Daniel Rodriguez

Full Stack Web Developer


About Me

Seasoned software engineer with experience working on a wide range of companies and projects. I’m passionate about product development efficiency, writing maintainable software, and creating pleasing user experiences.


Senior Software Engineer @ Aha! (May 2017 to May 2019)

  • Led effort to establish and maintain integration tests. This led to a significant increase in code coverage and was often credited for preventing bugs from making it to production.
  • Rewrote our help content site from the ground up, incorporating among other things, the BEM CSS organizational style, which was used to educate the larger team about BEM.
  • Developed A/B testing abstractions which allowed us to better segment A/B tests to arbitrary sets of users.
  • Developed a kanban board view for managing multiple record types like features, requirements, and epics.
  • Developed a user account dashboard which for many (including myself) was one of the more popular pages of the application.

Software Engineer @ Carbon Five (Jun 2015 to May 2017)

Contributed to several client projects. Some highlights follow.

  • PrimeMind - Developed an online magazine platform from concept to launch. This included developing a CMS with complex authorization and publishing rules, a novel front end UI, and a unique "highlight and share" feature for articles, among other notable features.
  • LiveNation - Developed a CMS which syndicated content from multiple client owned sites, for the purposes of launching a new online property, Livenation TV.
  • Fertility IQ - Developed a faceted search experience using Elastic Search.
  • Autodesk - Developed an internal "portal" site for their community of designers using a custom built Wordpress theme.
  • Stickies.io - A Carbon Five "collaborative sticky board" product. I developed a privacy feature for boards using Backbone and Node.js.

Independent Software Consultant (Jan 2012 to Jun 2015)

  • SmileBack, Inc. - Served as CTO. Contributed many performance and scalability improvements as well as new features and code cleanup involving both iOS and Ruby development.
  • Google - Contributed to the maintenance and improvement of a large legacy Ruby on Rails application, which was used extensively within Google.
  • MaterialWorld - Contributed front and backend enhancements to the Node.js based website.
  • BrightWire - Assisted in several areas of development and planning, including front and back end development, and code cleanup.

Senior Software Engineer @ BuyWithMe (Jun 2010 to Nov 2011)

  • Developed a Sinatra/Resque based service for background processing of email functionality and integrated it with our applications.
  • Developed a Ruby library(gem) for interfacing with the CheetahMail email API.
  • Managed the introduction of a number of scalability improvements bringing our production environment from a small 3 machine installation and an average latency of ~1 second, to a horizontally scalable installation involving 13 machines, and bringing our average latency down to ~150ms.
  • Executed daily systems administration tasks for development, staging, and production systems
  • Developed a systems management scripting framework in Ruby, for more automated administration of our environments.
  • Led development of consumer account section redesign.
  • Managed our accounts with multiple external hosting/service providers.
  • Built feature improvements to our Ruby on Rails based web application.
  • Mentored Junior developers.

Software Engineer @ Sun Microsystems (Jan 2008 to Feb 2010)

  • Designed and developed a distributed configuration management solution using Java, JMS, and LDAP.
  • Developed a distributed monitoring, logging, and exception aggregation solution using JMX and JMS.
  • Researched, designed, and implemented solutions for automated scaling, failover, and upgrading of system components.
  • Developed deployment scripts and individual component installation scripts for development, staging and production environments.
  • Developed a command line tool for virtualized systems management.
  • Administered virtual hosts and virtual networks using Solaris Zones, and Crossbow.
  • Performed regular system administration and debugging tasks ranging from network/DHCP administration to software installation and user management.

Product Specialist @ DoubleClick (May 2007 to Dec 2007)

  • Researched and developed interactive multimedia advertising solutions using Flash, HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.
  • Worked with customers to track, test and repair live ad serving issues.

Studio Programmer @ Group DCA (May 2005 to May 2007)

  • Worked closely with writers, editors, and graphic designers to develop Flash-based rich internet applications, used primarily for educational content and surveys.
  • Developed multiple tools and enhancements to an in-house Flash RIA development system.
  • Developed an animation programming framework for slide based content in Flash.
  • Developed multiple Flash based games including miniature golf, crossword puzzles, and an educational side-scroller.

Volunteer Software Engineer @ AudioBrowser (May 2005 to May 2006)

  • Member of multidisciplinary research and development group developing a system for the blind, to allow them to browse information through a touch, speech, and sound based interface.
  • Designed and implemented a multi-threaded speech recognition server using J2SE and multiple open source libraries.
  • Developed embedded client for the Pocket PC architecture using .NET.
  • Managed and mentored an undergraduate group which developed improvements to the speech recognition server and client.


New Jersey Institute of Technology Class of 2005

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science. Minor Mathematics